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Matter identify upcoming food trends, and translate them into brand specific concepts and experiences that fuel product pipelines.


Instagram Plate

Food is a source of entertainment and a focus of our social diaries.

The instagram plate is common place and companies are evolving their retail space and business model to fit with a new generation of consumers.

Experience is at the heart of their enjoyment, and whilst food and drink still needs to taste great, it is an exceptional experience that these new consumers crave.

We have been working closely with brands in the Chinese market to develop the theatre and creative experience being demanded in food retail by the Wang Hong generation.

Experiential retail cloud coffee

For years, the food industry has been steering consumers eating habits and relying on select ingredients from a global pantry of ‘perfect’ produce.

But social and environmental factors are driving industry change in both product and packaging. Manufacturers and retailers are re-addressing the way they conduct business, in order to provide desirable, consumer relevant, sustainable food options and to stay competitive in an ever changing marketplace.

Reducing meat consumption and the shift towards Veganism, is a popular trend and one we have been aware of and working with for a number of years.

Through the facilitation of co-create workshops, including desirability, feasibility and viability business functions, Matter have helped to identify a number of opportunity spaces. Diversifying a high-risk, ‘red meat’ based business, to one with a portfolio offering a range of products using alternative protein sources.

Trending plant based diets

Future protein sources

Todays consumers are ever more aware of the contents of their food and it’s nutritional benefits.

Reading the back of a pack for nutritional information has become a consumer habit and ‘free from’ products an expectation. Consumers are demanding transparency on ingredient ethics and sourcing, and are looking for products to do more than just fill them, but provide targeted,

personalised nourishment, including health and wellness benefits. Our work in food futures is helping to shape the boundary’s in the emerging space where food nutrition meets beauty benefits.

Inner beauty

Targeted nutrition supplements

We gather future food, technology and manufacturing insight from sources such as the future laboratory briefings, food matters live and food and drink expos.

We’re always excited to share our take on the future of food and drink with new clients and get involved in bringing a new vision to life.

Food matters live


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