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Engaging more
women in HPV

Raising awareness, starting conversations and inviting personalised access to cervical screening through thoughtful holistic design.


Sukha (Su-kha) is a self initiated design exploration to engage more women in positive HPV screening experiences.

In 2019 1 in 4 UK women did not attend their cervical screening appointment; a vaginal examination, known as a Smear or PAP test. During which a cell sample is collected from the cervix and sent for HPV testing in a cytology laboratory.

Persistent infection with high risk types of HPV contributes to 99.7% of cervical cancers. So the test is a vital component in the fight against cervical cancer.

The aim of Sukha is to break down the barriers that prevent women from attending their cervical screening; such as a lack of knowledge, a lack of body confidence and the feeling of being disconnected and alienated from the process.

We believe there is an opportunity to engage more women through familiarity, trust and empowerment and we’ve developed three concepts under those opportunities that aim to provide an approachable, accessible and holistic offering in women’s health and wellness.

Our start point was to engage with women and gather experiential insights into the cervical screening process. As-well as gaining an in depth understanding of the technical aspects of sample collection and laboratory processes.

Exploring period care category

Through trend research and exploration of the health and wellness market, we identified a number of opportunity space to stretch our thinking and broaden our ideation territories.

Realisation of concepts into sketches and 3D sketch prototypes enabled us to facilitate consumer qualitative focus groups to evaluate, build and strengthen our concepts.

Concept evaluation

3D sketch models

Consumer focus groups

Your Space explores the routine and familiarity of the existing period care category offering women a compact sampling product with intuitive interactions. As well as creating a safe and comfortable forum for everyday conversation about HPV.

Your space sampling device

Concept prototypes

Retail concept

My Cycles smart device and app builds trust and understanding through personalised cycle-tracking and testing services for women at every life-stage. The concept integrates HPV testing as a key part of a life-long vaginal care regime, covering: menstruation, ovulation, STI & UTI testing.

Concept: My cycles

Cervical sample and urine test heads

My cycles case/charging unit

Our Bodies empowers women and celebrates self-exploration. Promoting body positivity by providing a naturally intuitive tactile sampling tool. The moulded silicone product fits comfortably to the finger and allows a woman to find, feel and collect a sample directly from her cervix.

Concept: Our Bodies

Tactile tool enables natural movement

Support campaign visuals

Sukha has been released as open source information with the aim to start conversations and engage more women in HPV screening. You can learn more about the concepts at


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